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So you need expendables for your theratecc systems!
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theratecc product range

592.50 €

consists of:

  • 25 pieces of auxiliary template components (upper-jaw and lower-jaw)
  • 27 measuring tickets
  • stopper with tube and cannula
  • check valve
  • disposable syringe
  • locking screw for auxiliary template upper-jaw 
  • 2 socket keys


296.25 €

consists of:

  • 25 pieces for dimensional check
  • 27 measuring tickets
  • syringe
  • check valve
  • stopper

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping and packing charges

326.17 €

SchablonenhilfsteileSet CentricGuideEasy25 patient auxiliary template components:

  • lower-jaw template
  • upper-jaw template
  • grub screws

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping and packing charges

497.00 €

Totalprothetik CentricGuideconsists of:

  • special shallow cross-slide table
  • seperated dummy
  • extra short Allen key
  • protective case with foam inlay
54.00 €
94.00 €
33.00 €

distance aids (0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm)

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping and packing charges

Auswertungsbogen TitelseiteOur measurement analysis sheet helps you analyzing and documenting the measurements of a Centric Guide® gauging. Each measurement sheet offers you references for the articulation of the lower-jaw plaster model after the Centric Guide® measure and the evaluation of the model setting in a full value articulator.

24.90 €
90.00 €

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping and packing charges

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