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    Precise measurements to a thousandth of a millimeter.

As a young company, we currently offer five products and a range of services. Our strengths lie in the development of dental products and in work processes and communications between dental practices, dental laboratories and patients.

Centric Guide®

Precise. Simple. Reproducible.

The Centric Guide® is a digital system for determining the location of condyles in the jaw joint, developed by us in cooperation with the Institut für Medizin- und Dentaltechnik Leipzig (Leipzig Institute for Medical and Dental Technology). Consisting of a measuring unit, high-quality tablet computer and intuitive Centric 2.0 software, it offers maximum ease of use and data protection. CMD patients will also benefit thanks to its improved splint therapy options, drawn substantially from Centric Guide®. 

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Centric Guide® easy

The world’s first analogue determination of jaw relations in all three planes.

The Centric Guide® Easy is the analogue version of the Centric Guide® and has no digital technology whatsoever. Centric Guide® easy for the first time enables a real, centric and unambiguous determination of the condyle position in all three planes of the mouth and for this to be transferred comfortably to a bite registration. Thanks to our patented process, the third recording dimension can be clearly shown on the arrow point.

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“Bite”-conformity between articulator and patient

Bite-related reworks are annoying and now a thing of the past. therafaceline® enables you to do a patient’s occlusal registration in regard to a wide range of parameters in just one use, including aesthetic facial proportions or reference planes such as the pupillary line.

Trust in the patent technology of therafaceline®!

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CMD Pointer

NEW at IDS 2017! CMD Pointer

The function of the human jaw joint in a simple and comprehensible visualization - the new CMD Pointer offers.

A patient will only decide for a treatment if he himself realizes that it is necessary and above all useful for him. Therefore a simple and understandable patient advice is the basis for a later decision of the patient.


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Wet Milling Box

Clean wet processing of ceramic materials.

Our Wet Milling Box means dirt and damp in the laboratory are a thing of the past. The Wet Milling Box meets all requirements and needs for the wet processing of ceramic materials.

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Presentation Box

The ideal space for your dental masterpieces.

Our presentation box is the ideal place to display your demonstration models and high-quality dental work. Give your work the presentation it deserves. 

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Holistic and rigorous.

In order to achieve the best and most satisfactory results for all concerned – dentist, dental technician and patient – it is not enough just to develop top quality products. theratecc thinks and works holistically and offers a steadily increasing number of seminars (Kopfseminare©) and workshops; we will also be offering coaching sessions in the future. Seminars and workshops for optimal integration of the products you have purchased into your everyday working life, and coaching sessions, e.g. to optimise workflows, invoicing and communications.

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Request for Quotation

Products and expendables.

We provide a customizable enquiry form for products and for expendables so that you can select from a range of payment methods and leasing arrangements for our devices. Fill this out right here on your computer, tablet or smartphone and we will send you a personalised quote without delay. You can submit your specific enquiry here.

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