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    Articulator settings tailored precisely to the patient’s bite


Records all key parameters in one single step

therafaceline® is the first facebow that lets you record the position of the maxilla relative to the skull, to occlusion and to the occlusal height of the mandible in a single step.

The Camper‘s line serves as the reference plane. The facebow can also be aligned to suit the proportions of individual faces.

All information can be ‘stored’ in the patented 3D bite fork and transferred to an articulator. This results in dentistry masterpieces that fit the mouth as perfectly as they fit the articulator. Because thanks to therafaceline®, the articulator replicates the patient’s parameters on a ONE TO ONE basis.

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therafaceline® - How facebows work today

The therafaceline® system allows you to capture a wide range of key parameters with just one use. The system comes with a range of data recording settings. This means aesthetic facial proportions, such as the pupillary line, can be immediately captured as well.

Extra option - fully digital

Once it‘s in the articulator, all patient information can also be transferred to a digital environment. The plane support always replicates individual patients‘ Camper‘s lines and can be matched to the corresponding digital dataset with just one extra scan. This approach enables you to transfer individual patients‘ Camper‘s lines to the digital workflow reliably and use them to determine the occlusion of the maxillary device.

As a result, the patient now also benefits from ONE TO ONE articulator replication in a digital environment as well.


Your benefits with therafaceline®


  • it enables you to identify the position of the upper jaw in its relation to different level planes as well as to the skull

  • reproducible determination of upper and lower jaw

  • bite relation and bite height in one step

  • flawless transfer into different articulation systems

  • suitable for a range of indications (total prosthetics as well as complex treatments)

  • patented technology that is unique in the world

ONE TO ONE therafaceline® - convincingly simple

With therafaceline® you will create perfect replications in the articulator.

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