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Analogous bite registration for every indication

The bite registration, generated with Centric Guide easy®, is used for the articulation of the models. There the centric jaw relation of the patient is going to be visible and evaluable. Won registrations are safe and easy to integrate into the workflow of dentists and technicians.


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Centric Guide easy® - analogous system for determination of a centric relation

The Centric Guide easy® system is the worlds first 3D supporting pin based registration process, which allows to analogously record and visualize all vertical movements of the lower jaw.

Centric Guide easy® is used for the determination of the patients individual centric relation in every indication area (toothed and edentulous). Thanks to the vertical pen, the highest point of
both fossae is now clearly determinable within a few minutes and can be immediately taken over into a centric bite registration direclty in the mouth of the patient.

Possible misalignments of the lower jaw will then be visible and evaluable within the articulatior. The centric bite relation can now be taken over into an individual bite splint.

Before analyzation, impressions, models, face bow registration and individual registration templates are manufactured as you know it from a normal supporting pin based registration. The 3D record unit will be inserted into the registration template of the upper jaw. The template of the lower jaw holds the supporting pin unit with horizontal and vertical pencils. The horizontal pen is spring mounted. This allows movements in sagital and transversal direction at the same time.

Centric Guide easy function


Your advantages in overview

  • patented technology

  • worldwide unique

  • analogous 3D record of all lower jaw movements with direct take over into a reproducible bite registration for
    the first time

  • enough tongue space thanks to gracile system components

  • easy and safe handling

Dare to take a step into instrumental determination of jaw relations!

It really couldn’t be simpler. Due to its close similarities of use with established support-pin registration, the Centric Guide® easy can be integrated without difficulty into your everyday routines. Request your individual offer today. Simply fill in our inquiry form online at the following link and we will send you your individual offer immediately.

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