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    Centric Guide® easy is the perfect introduction to instrumental determination of jaw relations.
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    The patented procedure for clear, reproducible, analogue centric bite registration.

Centric Guide® easy

The world’s first analogue 3D support pin.

The Centric Guide® easy system is the first three-dimensional analogue support pin system. It has no digital technology whatsoever. Centric Guide® easy for the first time enables a real, centric and unambiguous determination of the condyle position in all three planes of the mouth and for this to be transferred comfortably to a bite registration. The ability to record in the third dimension ensures the highest position of both condyles is visible. Traditional arrow point interpretation therefore becomes unnecessary. The patented procedure is unambiguous and enables you to generate a reproducible bite registration in only a few minutes.

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Simple to handle, perfect results.

Centric Guide easy is the perfect introduction to instrumental determination of jaw relations.

The delicate system components ensure simple oral application. The procedure for Centric Guide® analysis is the same as that for a standard support-pin registration. Centric Guide® easy analysis requires preparatory impressions, models, facebow registration and individual measuring templates. The 3D recording unit is inserted into the upper jaw measuring template, while the lower jaw template holds both support pins. The front support pin records all sagittal and transverse lower jaw movements (traditional arrow point). The back support pin records all vertical lower jaw movements. 

Centric Guide® easysurprisingly easy!

Range of indication: edentulous.

1. functional preparatory impressions
2. level-setting and vertical-dimension-locking 
3. Centric Guide® measurement
4. try-in and level-checking
5. prosthetical implementation and completion

Centric Guide® easy – analogue jaw relations for all three planes of movement.

The Centric Guide® Easy system consists of:

  • 3D lower jaw support pin unit with locking element
  • 3D upper jaw recording unit
  • 3D positioning guide for upper jaw recording unit
  • Dummy template, divided for oral use
  • Dummy template for producing template in laboratory
  • Distance aids 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm

Included in delivery with each order::

  • Waterproof pen to mark recording surfaces for the 3D upper jaw recording unit.
  • Small Allen key to secure upper jaw recording unit and lower jaw support pin unit in measuring templates
  • Large Allen key to position and secure upper jaw positioning guide
  • 25 patient auxiliary template components
  • User guide for full dentures
  • User guide/operating instructions on CD (pdf)
  • Protective case with foam inlay

Dare to take a step into instrumental determination of jaw relations!

It really couldn’t be simpler. Due to its close similarities of use with established support-pin registration, the Centric Guide® easy can be integrated without difficulty into your everyday routines. Take the risk and request an individualised quote today. We provide a customisable enquiry form so that you can select from a range of payment methods and leasing arrangements for our devices. Fill this out right here on your computer, tablet or smartphone and we will send you a personalised quote without delay.

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