• theratecc GeringerZeitaufwand
    Less time-consuming
    With Centric Guide® you can take a bite registration in just 5 minutes.
  • EinfacheReproduzierbarkeit
    Simple reproducibility
    Centric Guide® provides accurate and straightforward reproducibility for jaw relations.
  • theratecc CMD Folgerichtige Entscheidung
    The right decision
    Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) is not an option.
  • CentricGuide2go r
    Centric Guide® 2Go
    Centric bite registration outside the practice and laboratory, too.

Centric Guide®

The easiest and most reproducible centric jaw relations.

The Centric Guide® allows you to visualise possible jaw misalignments and thus provides the basis for targeted treatment for the individual patient. It enables you to determine jaw relations digitally and quickly, in all planes of motion and with absolute reproducibility. Its patented measurement procedure allows you to determine centric relation within just a few minutes and simultaneously transfer it to a centric record. The procedure for Centric Guide® analysis is similar to that for a standard support-pin registration. The patient makes the same movements as for conventional support-pin registration. The Centric Guide® system is unique in that it records vertical movements of the lower jaw for the first time. The bite registration enables the model to be articulated in the articulator. 

Centric Guide® is a recognised medical device and a prize-winner at the Saxony Innovation Awards 2013. 

Our Kopfseminare (seminars) enable you to experience bite registration 2.0 with Centric Guide®. 

Applications & Indicators

Accurate and straightforward

The delicate system components ensure simple oral application. Centric Guide® analysis requires preparatory impressions, models, facebow registration and individual measuring templates. The support pin is placed in the upper jaw measuring template along with the measuring unit, while the lower jaw template holds the cross-slide table. The cross-slide table can be adjusted both sagittally and transversely. The procedure for Centric Guide® analysis is similar to that for a standard support-pin registration. The patient makes the same movements as for conventional support-pin registration. The Centric Guide® system is unique in that, for the first time, it records all vertical movements of the lower jaw. The measurements obtained are plotted on the tablet PC. Intuitive software guarantees reliable and simple handling. The bite registration generated with Centric Guide® enables the model to be articulated in the articulator. The centric jaw relation obtained for the patient can thus be visualised and evaluated in the articulator. The measurements / bite registration obtained are reliable and easy to integrate into dental practices’ and laboratories’ workflows.

Integration into practice thanks to individualisation

Centric® Software 2.0 is at the heart of the Centric Guide® system and has an impressive array of different modules. Its clear menu structure and simple “Next” and “Back” buttons make the software intuitive to use.Centric® Software 2.0 is constructed on a modular basis, i.e. you can put individual modules together to suit your own needs. Measurements are verified twice and stored in a log that can provide you with documentation and proof at any time. The remote maintenance tool allows for flexible and individualised service and support options. System settings can be quickly and simply checked or adjusted over the internet as necessary, using your tablet. 

CentricGuide Hauptmenu Software2.0CentricGuide SoftwareverwaltungCentricGuide MessungSchritt3CentricGuide Software Messprotokoll

 Click here to discover more about Centric 2.0 Software modules.

CentricGuide Datensicherung800

Data backup module

This module allows you to control for yourself the timing and location of your patients’ data backups. Additional backups for all Centric Guide® patient data can be carried out either automatically or manually. 

CentricGuide Benutzerverwaltung

User management module

User management has been designed specifically for laboratories and group practices. The module enables system users (Administrators) to grant appropriate rights to additional users, and to update and adjust such rights as needed. So a dental laboratory, for instance, could set up each of its clients as users and grant them user rights. Special password protection guarantees a completely new standard of data protection. Patient data can only be viewed and edited by the corresponding user. Whatever your future looks like, user management will help you respond flexibly.

CentricGuide Software Netzwerkanbindung

Network connection module

This module enables you to incorporate the Centric Guide® system quickly and easily into your practice network. Centric Guide® Network Software 2.0 is installed smoothly on your office computer and ensures ideal data transfer between your practice PCs and the Centric Guide® system. In this way, patient data can be entered on the practice computer and transferred to the Centric Guide® system via the network. You can also call up and view all patients stored in Centric Network Software, and the corresponding measurement logs, from your practice PC. Network connectivity integrates the Centric Guide® system perfectly into your practice.

CentricGuide Software VDDS

VDDS connectivity module

VDDS connectivity enables straightforward data exchange between the Centric Guide® system and your patient management software. VDDS interfaces are standardised. The only prerequisite is that the Centric Guide® system is incorporated into your practice network. Centric® Network Software 2.0 ensures perfect data transfer. VDDS connectivity means you can transfer all patient data, e.g. patient name, date of birth, directly from your patient management software to Centric® Network Software 2.0. After each measurement, the measurement log will automatically be stored in the patient file of your patient management software and on the Centric Guide® tablet. VDDS connectivity makes the Centric Guide® system part of your digital practice.


The Centric Guide® system consists of:

  • A measuring unit (sensor and cross-slide table) for intraoral use
  • A high-quality tablet (Windows Operating System) with Centric Software 2.0 (including basic data backup module)
  • Docking station (3x USB, 1x HDMI, 1x LAN, 1x 20V)
  • Distance aids (0,5; 1,0; 1,5 mm)
  • Operating instructions

Included with delivery:

  • Instructions for producing templates including 2 dummy templates
  • 1 set of auxiliary template components (25 items)
  • 27 measuring tickets
  • packed in a high-quality aluminium case with foam inlay

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