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theratecc product range

12,588.90 €

Kofferinhalt CentrcGuideSystemThe Centric Guide® system delivery includes:

  • A registration unit (sensor and cross-slide table) for intraoral use
  • A high-quality tablet (Windows Operating System) with Centric Software 2.0 (including basic data backup module)
  • Docking station (3x USB, 1x HDMI, 1x LAN, 1x 20V)
  • Distance aids (0,5; 1,0; 1,5 mm)
  • Operating instructions
  • Instructions for producing templates including 2 dummy templates
  • 1 set of auxiliary template components (25 items)
  • 27 hygiene tickets
  • Packed in a high-quality aluminium case with foam inlay

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping and packing charges

497.00 €

Totalprothetik CentricGuideconsists of:

  • special shallow cross-slide table
  • seperated dummy
  • extra short Allen key
  • protective case with foam inlay

Additional software modules:

139.00 €
  • enables system users (Administrators) to grant appropriate rights to additional users
  • password protected user section
139.00 €
  • enables you to incorporate the Centric Guide® system quickly and easily into your practice network
  • ensures ideal data transfer between your practice PCs and the Centric Guide® system
139.00 €
  • enables straightforward data exchange between the Centric Guide® system and your patient management software
  • VDDS connectivity means you can transfer all patient data, e.g. patient name, date of birth, directly from your patient management software to Centric® Network Software 2.0 thanks to VDDS connectivity standards 
1,628.67 €

centricGudieEasy Lieferumfangdelivery includes:

  • 3D lower jaw support pin unit with locking element
  • 3D upper jaw recording unit
  • 3D positioning guide for upper jaw recording unit
  • Dummy template, divided for oral use
  • Dummy template for producing template in laboratory
  • Distance aids 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm
  • Waterproof pen to mark recording surfaces for the 3D upper jaw recording unit.
  • Small Allen key to secure upper jaw recording unit and lower jaw support pin unit in measuring templates
  • Large Allen key to position and secure upper jaw positioning guide
  • 25 patient auxiliary template components
  • User guide for full dentures
  • User guide/operating instructions on CD (pdf)
  • Protective case with foam inlay

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping and packing charges

SchablonenhilfsteileSet CentricGuideEasyExpendables:
set of auxiliary template components
consists of:

  • 25 Patient's-Sets (lower-jaw template, upper-jaw template and grub screws)
326.17 €

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping - and packing charges

1990,00 €

complete system consisting of:therafaceline Schaedel

  • Facebow
    • height-adjustable glabella support
    • bipupillary guide
    • height-adjustable ear pieces
    • chin support
    • lip pointer
    • 3D bite fork
    • in system package with foam inlay

  • Transfer unittherafaceline transferunit
    • in system package with foam inlay

  • Plane support
    • in system package with foam inlay

  • incl. 20 plates Aluwax for therafaceline®
  • hand book/user manual (PDF)

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping - and packing charges

460,50 €
49,25 €
  • consisting of 20 plates bite wax for therafaceline®

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping - and packing charges

295.00 €

consisting of:

CMD Pointer
- magnetic plate with upper jaw / lower jawCMD Pointer case complete
- insertion normal denture
- insertion abrasion denture
- insertion Centric Guide®
- insertion bite registration
- insertion bite splint
- in premium aluminum case

  • 2 pieces bargain price: 570.00€
  • Special laboratory price: When purchasing 5 CMD Pointer you get the 6th for free.
  • retail price on request.

exclusive VAT and shipping - plus packing charges

289.00 €

wetMillingbox therateccdelivery consists of:

  • baseplate with water reservoir
  • cowling with model holder
  • Splash guard can be installed on right or left

exclusive 19% VAT and shipping - and packing charges

For your company logo attachment please send us the appropriate vector file in .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .eps or .cdr (CorelDraw) to

59.00 €

Praesentationsbox theratecc

delivery consists of:

  • clear acrylic glas box
  • individually tailored foam inlay

excl. 19% VAT and sending- and packing charges

59.00 €

Possibility of branding your presentation box with your company logo by an order of minimum 10 boxes. For your company logo attachment please send us the appropriate vector file in .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .eps or .cdr (CorelDraw) to

  • from 10 boxes, price per branding: 9.50 € excl. VAT
  • from 25 boxes, price per branding: 9.00 € excl. VAT
  • from 50 boxes, price per branding: 8.00 € excl. VAT
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